Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another day another cover

Wow, worked several days on my cover. Finally got it done yesterday (early morning, then I tried to e-publish after some rest) and I managed to publish it on pubit (I tried amazon but there is a glitch int he system that won't let me do so) as well as smash words. Still haven't checked them to see if there were any mistakes but I'll get on that soon.

This is the first cover I've done.

What do you think? It was hard enough coming up with the idea. At first I wanted to draw something. Then I convinced myself that I would be better off if I found a photo online and worked with that. Numerous searches online did nothing, as many free photo sites have, well... you get what you pay for. To be fair some were good, but not what I had in mind. So I decided to go through my own photos and found one that seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I used Pixelmator to clean it up and after a few brush strokes (by the way, I highly recommend Pixelmator, much cheaper than Photoshop and though I am no professional it seems to be able to do much of what I want) and a lot of hours on their website reading or watching tutorials, I finished the above product.

Perhaps some background on the story itself? I wrote it a month or so ago, as part of what should be a series of shorts. One day it will turn into a novel. But for now I wanted to get something out there in the publishing world (one short story, I know, I know). For what you ask? Don't now really, perhaps to test the old saying: "If a writer writes and no one reads it, has he really said anything?"
The short focuses on my time in Iraq, but with a twist: the story is told from the point of view of an insurgent. I figured there weren't enough of those kind of stories around (that I'd seen) so I wanted to present that to the world.

So for anyone who is interested, here is my short story on the Barnes and Noble website. More links coming!
Once again any opinions shall be greatly welcomed.

Also read a blog on managing to write 10 thousand words a day by Zoe Winters. All I can say is I am impressed (hats off to Winters)...and yes it also makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. How many words do all writers average a day? I'm trying to do that many (10k) in a week. One day seems like it would leave me open to mistakes. Then again, perhaps that means I'm not trying hard enough.

So I will try to double and increase my output from there. One thing I must deal with (if this sounds like a whine-fest... it is) is screen fatigue... There is only so long that my eyes will take staring at a screen (even with breaks, and water doused on my eyes). I recently bought the Dragon program (it's a voice recognition program) to combat this, and though it helps to read out written notes to the computer, I haven't been able to do prose directly from my head. Does anyone else have this issue out there? What do you do to combat it? Would be nice to hear how people do this. Another final question is whether people actually manage to do more than one thing a day, or try to separate different days for different things.

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