Monday, November 28, 2011

Finally more up


In my dreams I can flap my arms hard enough to fly. Funny enough, from the ages of 4-5, this was an obsession of mine: to flap my arms and fly, simply for the thrill of it. But I could never emulate my dreams.

Now, older, if only slightly wiser, I could care less for the actual flying, but to have my mind regain that ability to believe almost entirely in the impossible—so much so that I could feel the wind in my face. Of course, I'm older and this means that such thoughts seem to speak of risks that I simply cannot take any longer. But I do miss my mind being able to do that.

What follows is the original post.

Well, I lie. Not exactly more stories, but rather the proliferation of "The Struggle" to Amazon. Unfortunately that means that it will be a day (12 hours they claim) before I can post a link to it. But it will finally be on the big website. All this uploading took me more time than I anticipated... of course now that means I am an expert in formatting (once my approval comes through Smashwords that statement will have more "truth" to it). Word to the wise for those uploading to kindle it appears that uploading an htm is better than doc files. Perhaps that was obvious to all out there except for me. In that case I hang my head in shame.

As far as the other covers I was supposed to be getting done soon... no, not so much. I have another short story (unfortunately about Iraq as well) that was supposed to be up (has been edited and sitting around for several months... no a year now) by now. Unfortunately the search for photos continues. The short story is called "To Love a Rat". I was downtown in the city, near Soho, and saw a dead rat. Naturally someone was taking a picture of it, so the artist in me thought: "take one for your cover!" (the rat looked like it had been run over... I though they were more nimble than that?). But my better half dissuaded me from doing so. Perhaps it was for the best.

But that brings me to the saddest part of my week... yep, you guessed it, no 10k words for the week. That's two weeks running that I've come up short. I can (and I will, in fact) complain about the problem with uploading (this will only pay off if future uploads take no more than ten seconds) and how that sapped my time and energy. Fair enough, but a goal is a goal--correct? So what does everyone out there (aspiring writers, or ones who have already made it) do to keep themselves on schedule for a writing quota? Now that I've gone all in on writing I find that there cannot be any excuses. I have to put in more hours a week on some aspect of the writing process or else I should consider myself a bum. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Finally, though smash words has not given me a final on my upload, they do provide stats and I am proud to say some people have taken the free download. No buys though. Sad stuff. Enough to make me want to write.

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