Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Day

Odd, never thought I'd be one to blog, yet here I am. The main purpose of this blog is to get my writing out there and to hear from other writers, as well as readers (dare I say my own?). Can't say that this comes naturally (or that the first few blogs will be anything more than random musings--like an old man with a final audience--and possible complaints) and I will also test some of my writing here and get feedback from the world. Of course that idea sounds great, but most theories do.

So I have been a writer for no more than a few months. I didn't expect it to be easy, and it hasn't. In fact it has proved more than I expected... but that can be rewarding. It is hard work. If there are any writers out there I'm sure you can attest to that. Yes, just coming up with stories is a fun part of the job, but every time I get something down I feel sapped. Nevertheless I will continue. I have established a well regimented day, only stopping when my eyes get too tired (happens after eight hours usually, cold water helps) or I run out of ideas and energy. Then it's time to hit the subway and stare at people until ideas start to flow (one advantage of living in NYC, though I will admit I miss mountains and the outdoors... that I imagine creates ideas of a different sort, do they not?). Where do all the writers out there get their ideas to learn how to move forward with their writing?
Of course, the other reason for this blog is to help with the shorts and novels I will soon be e-publishing. The thought of again gaining a global audience for my writing is tantalizing... for each reader I would like to hear from them on this blog. That is the trick, is it not? Getting to talk with your readers and hearing from them (and understandably this will not always be good, but it will be something that will contribute to the growth of my writing). Of course the other reason is that the writing world is changing, and it is changing fast. E-books (and indie-pubishing) are the new way of doing things and any writer who does not attempt to dive into it will be left behind.

Finally I am working on some covers of my own. Using Pixelmator (apparently a great piece of software, though I can't back that up with any personal experience) I hope to create them for my first few shorts.
Well that was long-winded. I want to hear from everyone else out there. How is the writing process working for others? I'm aiming for 10k words a week. or hopefully 14k.
How do people get their creative juices going?
Good day and thanks for reading

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