Monday, November 28, 2011

The portals to another world... aka links

So I said I would include the links to my short story: "The Struggle." So here they are: the link for the smash words page is here.

The link for the amazon page is here.

And the link for the Barnes and Noble is here.

Beautiful weather in the Bronx today (moments like these can make one pray for global warming). Makes it hard to write (winter I may hate, but it does force one indoors--from the cold and the darkness--and in front of the computer). Nevertheless I will try to make a dent in my word count before the two workshops I have coming up. In case there are any veterans out there reading this (and I do wonder who the scores of people are who are reading this--as per my stats page--though it might some kind of web crawler) you should consider the NYU Veterans workshop, as well as the Columbia one. Both are good ways to vet your writing.

By way of the NYU veterans workshop I am officially famous. Read the extensive article here. Yeah short and sweet, but it was a nice thing to get to read at the tribute center. I am the one all the way on the left in the blue. Hope this is not a peak in my writing career. I can see myself decades from now: "I usta be sum one... I read at the Tribute Center! I was on the Internets!" I angrily spit out the whiskey in my mouth, and the bartender kicks me out... again.

Finally a question to ask everyone, how do people get their writing done? Or perhaps the question should be phrased: where? I enjoy heading to the city, but it only helps to jumpstart the writing, when sitting at the desk for too long has stilted any desire to write or work on something related to writing. Again feel free to chime in (even the heartless web crawlers) with your routines.

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