Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another book (novelette to be exact)

Another cover and another story is up. I am still behind on my four to be put up by the end of the year. But it seems that the process has not gotten easier. This cover itself took the better part of a day and I have yet to upload it (don't worry I will do it soon enough). As can be seen, it is much more complicated than the last one I put up. Many layers, some texture (that I believe adds to the whole ambience of it all). One thing I spent way too many hours doing was searching online for pictures. I need a more efficient manner of doing this. Nevertheless it is done and I am proud of how it looks. Any opinions?
If I can get another story up tonight I should be sitting pretty for the year. Once I have uploaded them and they are accepted, I will set up the links. Enjoy, it is a 16k word novelette that, once again, touches on some tricky issues.

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