Friday, December 23, 2011

Writer's Muse

Some people have asked where the idea for the title of this blog came from. Well, to most of you "Writer's Muse" may seem like a cliche (the muse aspect being one every artist must deal with, or even every honorable citizen) while the rest may look at it as hubris (no writer is truly an artist, or perhaps they only wish they were). The story itself lies somewhere between the two.

The main inspiration for the "muse" idea is this sculpture by Rodin (to the left) which I saw in the Rodin museum in Paris. If anyone is going to Paris I would recommend this museum; it's small but packs quite the punch (the story of his affair with Camille is also interesting and her works are given substantial space in the museum). Rodin is one of my favorite artists and his sculptures are just mesmerizing... they can drift to the melodramatic at times but that only adds to their appeal—in my opinion. In the end, his works light up my imagination; his sculptures tease an explosive dynamic out of stone that even Bernini doesn't manage (this is my non-expert opinion).

Nevertheless this specific sculpture, "The Muse", has an artist thinking and a woman (the muse) growing out of him, pushing him, giving him, consuming him, being him. Now, of course, I don't have nearly the potential muses Rodin had (he had naked women walking around his studio at any given time so he could have constant inspiration), but the idea is the same. When a scene materializes in my head and the writing starts, my head is filled with a consuming feeling (whether that creation is art is another matter) that can only be chased off by writing and eventual exhaustion. Hence the blog title is for my love of story and the wish that I should always be near her. Any ideas out there about the muse people feel/use/have for writing?

Update on the writing: I finished one short story (the one on an elite soldier with a very difficult decision) and will let it "rest" for a day or two. I was on a reasonable pace to finish the Lucifer's letter but I had to put it down in the past couple hours. It was devolving into too many mistakes and I wasn't able to keep it together. The good thing is that I am on track to average a little below 3k words a day for the week. I'll have to take the weekend off for time with my girlfriend. Overall I expect an improvement over the previous week where 2k/day was the average. I will keep trying to increase the amount each week (though next week will mostly be spent editing and creating covers so that I may put up the stories by the end of the year).

One thing that I am most keen to do is make sure that the stories I first put up are diverse. I want any readers out there to know that I will write more than just military-themed pieces. To achieve that I will try to change the themes I put up.

Update 26JAN2015: Well, time has certainly flown by since I started this blog. The main idea of the blog having drifted a little, but stayed the course (though I think that depends on how global or local your view of the subjects it covers are). One thing that has definitely changed is that I do more than just talk about what I'm writing at any given time. I'm also not looking at the blog as merely a place to put up a post (though, again, it may be that I'm wrong and that I need to rethink the idea of a blog, or transfer all of this elsewhere) and allow for strictly linear level of discourse with you, the reader.

And it can be seen in my attempts to interlink the blog itself (though I would much rather do it through other methods such as hover text), and to update a subject matter, such as censorship, to better reflect incoming and updated evidence and my possible change or review of my previous opinion.

I'm also looking to it as a place to put out some of my short story fiction. This way someone can read and enjoy it without having to go through kindle and others. It also allows me to put up shorts that are mere children (not fully fleshed out) and so my readers can sense where a future idea comes from. Of course, there is also my email that will allow readers who sign up to see some finished gems that, for the hope of publication elsewhere, I will not put up here or sell elsewhere. And then there is the essay format (some taking fantastical leaps into the air), as well as my opinions on the world. The latter I had thought to leave out of the blog all together, but I won't anymore. If any readers are turned off by it, I do hope they engage in a discussion. This is what all citizens of democracies and republics (and those who are members of other states, they should at least participate where they can to contribute to such matters) must do. And any readers as well.

On that note, let's see how this blog keeps morphing.

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