Monday, January 23, 2012

Been a long while

Haven't posted much recently because I've been busy typing up two stories. As well as trying to stay on top of editing them. One is finished, and is a novella sized story, while the other is the sequel to "The Struggle" a story that is currently on kindle. I still have the self-imposed January deadline for both these novels (well, perhaps now it will be novel and novella).

The deadline has worked in so far that I have put up good hours, and managed 30k words in one week. It, of course, needs to be kept up for the following weeks. But it's a good sign. I highly recommend this method to all writers out there. You must, of course, stick with it. You can keep a schedule, as well as have a stopwatch (this might be a little too far, but it works for me) to time yourself for breaks, as well as to know just how much work you've done. Being a small publisher is tough, so substantial time has to be put in everyday.

The novella might be out in a few days (edits permitting). It is about a man who finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world and slowly comes to terms with what that means. It mainly looks at a man who changes as the environment around him does. He finds what he believes to be love, and hope for mankind. It's a pretty good story, and I hope that it ends up selling well.

I also edited and put up another short story that I had worked on in the past. "Clara" is the cover I did in the previous post. This story is about a year and a half old. I will also put up a short story collection soon (combining all of the previous ones the I have published so far). I hope everyone gets to check out and enjoy them

As far as my Kindle Select numbers. They are definitely higher than I had expected, and from three countries around the world. So far, though, there has been no knock on effect. I will keep everyone posted on what goes on from there.

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