Friday, January 27, 2012

The checkered flag


If I were a more concise writer, the above would be he only words that I would have to say. But unfortunately for you I am not. The novel (the sequel to "The Struggle") is done, I am exhausted to my core. As most of my writing has managed to do to me so far. Though this one is closer to home, the feelings that one develops over time, and the ideals that one holds, or has held, thus it was a grind to get it done, even though I've had the outline and the characters in my mind for years. Phew!

Of course by done, I mean that I still have many more hours of cover design, as well as editing. My brain literally feels like it has been through a concussion wave of a bomb. I shall get a little rest and will soon have a novel and novella up (print versions, as well as a story collection, though mainly put together from my previous shorts that are already up). Yes, rejoice readers worldwide.

In a few hours I hope to have my cover up.

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