Thursday, January 5, 2012

Familial Madness (craziness)

Something that's not exactly defined. And oh yes, I understand the hypocrisy in that statement given that the name of this fractal story is Familial Madness... nevertheless that word and its synonyms don't mean the same thing for these parents as it would for us. After all, given that these parents know only of the staid life in suburbia and a technical life, then that word could not possibly mean anything great in their terms. Their terms, after much study, really means that it is something which is on the fringes of the corporate state. Their terms were much the same for all middle class dogs of the oligarchs of the time.
So at the time that they wrote what they did, they saw what the protestors in Ferguson (standing up, once and for all, for the rights of black people) as crazy, a self-inflicted wound if you will. But they did not see the reasons behind this and other acts. For there was much more going on in the world than one would think. There was (there is, really) at this time a craziness among the population, but this craziness was rather a very specific reaction to the iniquities in the world, and also at the heart of the Empire (sooner or later that machine was going to eat its children, was it not?).

Yes, there was a reaction happening, and since it had been pushed underground (and those who lived in gated communities, like these parents, kept it out of view, and thus would never see it coming, they would only see a protest here and there that they would see as craziness, the last gasps of the losers of a society that were truly deserving), it was only to be seen by those with eyes on the dispossessed. It was many disparate movements all at once. Much like Russia under the foot of the cruel Tsar, it was fragmented through design of those in power. But this only meant that the revolution to come would blow up in a myriad of ways, for unless one decides to kill everyone, one cannot hold down such pressures in any society.

Some of these "crazy" movements were wholly violent. Some were not. The powers that be/were would try, once they saw the hordes coming at their gated communities, to discredit these people as soon as they could. They would only succeed with the likes of these parents. But a movement is just that. And that the powers that be thought it wasn't based on anything historical only shows how detached they were from humanity. No, the powers that be would soon lose out because the original founding fathers of the very nation they were trying to save were in fact revolutionaries. Sure, some were very conservative, but that was only a matter of who one looked at. And many of these modern day revolutionaries were smart enough to point out a handful of men they had learned from. One was Thomas Paine.
When the likes of these parents, loyal dogs like everyone else in their neighborhood (all with a hint of fascism to their actions, to their world view, that odd and insidious want to kill or to be rid of those who they deem don't contribute as much to society... preferably in a work camp, one imagines), hear about the likes of Paine, they without knowledge merely assume that the man is being twisted. Surely he's for a couple of immigrants who worked hard and created their place in this world? Surely they would not be blamed.

But in a few years, as these very immigrants and their unimaginative neighbors decide that listening to those richer (they are programmed to do so, mind you, programmed to jump for the oligarchs, and certainly programmed to hug for their very lives whatever structure it is that gave them their place in the world, those memes that allowed them to be what they are and were and gave them all the material wealth they ever wanted) and supply the violent militias that one can only see as fascists, and the other reaction is even more violent, and the nation that sent drones around the world suddenly has them at home, that is when they will realize that a man like Paine was indeed right and so were most of those who held him up.

The moment would be gone, of course, and as the sun will set on skies scraped with missile streaks, as bombs shudder the earth, and the smell of decomposing bodies fills their neighborhood, they will know that it could have been better, if only...

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