Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lucifer's Confession

That's the title of the most recent short I've been working on. It is short, and will be available for 99cents on amazon soon enough. Right now going through the tedious edits. Added a decent amount to the initial draft and let it sit for as long as I could. Also typing up another short that I had workshopped a year ago. I changed a few items in it and hope that it will be good to go in just a few days as well. That will (in theory, I know how much longer all these things can take sometimes) bring me up to speed.

Anyone following this blog will know that I was aiming to get four shorts up (in addition to the one I had up from November) by 2012. I managed two. Everything (especially the covers) took much longer than I thought they would. Partially because of my inexperience (with Pixelmator in the case of my covers) but also because of my need to get things perfect and making certain that nothing bad gets out there. Not easy since you can always look over something one more time to make sure it has no blemishes. The covers (is it too bold to say that they should be considered art?) are just as tough as the text in this respect. I like to think that they are indeed very good pieces of art that stand on their own.

If I get the two shorts up by the end of this week I will have to start the novel that I need to (as well as possibly put up a short collection) done by the end of January (all the while trying to put up a short a week). Two of the books I want done are novel sized in theory. The caveman could very easily be epic, while the sequel to "The Struggle" will have to be at least novel sized (which I am considering as 45k words and above). By this time next month I should have a fairly decent list up online. Of course that doesn't guarantee much in its own so I will spend some time in February reaching out to try and get some word of mouth out about my works. I think without a novel that will just be too hard to get interest that will pile upon itself.

Finally there is the issue of KDP select. An program whereby I have to guarantee them exclusivity but where I get to have 5 free promotion days. This is not a bad deal. First: not many people make sales outside of Amazon (Amazon, from my browsing the internets usually accounts for 90-99% of people's online sales) and this is just another way for the behemoth to increase that number to the limit as x approaches 100%. This point makes me believe that it will be a wise route for an author such as myself. Yes I am cutting gout potential readers who have other devices. But right now a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

The Amazon program isn't for that long a period of time. So if I do it for their 90 days and don't like it I can go back to what I was doing before. As a small time publisher I must now experiment with different kinds of promotion tools at my disposal before dismissing them off hand. Right now just putting up stories online on different websites is resulting in minimal results. I have to look for other routes and Amazon has the capital to provide one.

Now, I'm not saying that their pot (there is a 500000 pot each month and based on how many borrows you get through their lending library which is the center of this deal) is large enough to offset the sales you might lose. What I'm saying is that the exposure will be worth it. Of course, there are already around 40k titles on the program, and I'm guessing that this number will fast approach a million if it hasn't already.

That will be the route for the next few books of mine. We shall see how this turns out. For now it's back to the daily grind.

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