Sunday, January 8, 2012

The next one

The next short story is being worked on. The editing, at least. This is the African story. As of this afternoon, I have no real idea about a cover. Hard to say what the visual should be. It will be somewhat colorful (something that I have not yet done with any of my covers) though, given the theme, it can't be too colorful—unless I feel the urge to be ironic.

Some lessons learned with covers. If anyone has seen what I've put up: two have a similar feel to them, while the first and the last ones are pretty different. All are not very colorful or glossy (another note on the glossy covers, that I see a lot of in the bestsellers, there is the matter of seeing a glossy cover and having an association with the other kind of glossy cover media—film—that has the storytelling market rather well covered—numbers wise. This isn't something that I dismiss out of hand. But I still reserve the desire to, and lean, towards a different type of cover).

I mentioned that my last cover was very dichromatic in style. There were hints of yellow, but I believe, on the thumbnail, that color did not show up. One aspect of my last cover is that it did not get as many hits. Simply put it was not as eye-catching. If that trend continues. The lesson will be: eye catching colors are needed. This does not take my descriptions into account. It could very well be that the description also needs to be changed. But we'll see. Small steps that will take this publishing business to the next level.

What are other people's experiences with the cover aspect of the business? Judge not a book by its cover seems to be an anachronistic piece of advice (if it was ever applied in life).

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