Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One more day, Gerad's response (from familial madness)

Gerad: I never claimed a madness in the family. All that has been a gross misunderstanding. That someone would use a conversation we had to simply type up some nonsense is beyond me. You, Mr. Lowhim, are beyond pathetic. In some odd drive for a narrative you have destroyed a friendship. Furthermore, you got the research I was doing wrong: I was looking into the mating habits of a frog (something you couldn't possibly understand with your simple liberal arts brain), and my cousin, though he maybe in and out of a therapist's office (and how many people are in such therapy? How many people who are not in therapy are using their friends or a SO to lay all their worries upon; is it really so bad to rely upon others? Is not the atomization and the odd idea that we cannot need anyone, isn't this the true madness in our society?) is not in any way some sort of mad man.

Not that being a mad man is anything to scoff at. If anything, this is a mark of potential greatness. Think about Van Gogh, think about all the greats who were on the edges of society. I know, I know, that's what you mentioned in the beginning, but I sense that you didn't feel that way when writing about me and my family (what disdain you had for us, and why, old friend, why?!). My cousin was truly a creative spirit with ideas that had so much potential. The 3-d go idea may not be for our species (much too complex for our simple brains) but is that his fault? He was ostracized in class from a very young age. That is truly the sin. Our schooling system with tries its hardest to beat out any vestige of independence, has us stare at a flag with our hands over our breasts. Tell me again how we're not a totalitarian state?

So that is my two cents. That you painted my family in a harsh light. That you wanted nothing more than to slander my bloodline. Shame on you. I know what your odd liberal arts thinking self is going to go on about. You're going to say that I'm only being defensive because of what the mark of madness can do to one's family. How people will hesitate even to talk to me. But I tell you, I will take none of that tripe of yours. I will only want society to answer to my family for its own destruction of my cousin.

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