Thursday, January 12, 2012

Familial Madness (false gods)

There are gods, and there are people who worship them. People like Lowhim like to think that they're above the principle of some belief system or ideology just by not believing in God. The man who builds his house on sand... And here that old Biblical saying seems the most apt. That the author, Lowhim, can't see that he's replaced on God with a another, lesser, one, shows his lack of imagination. If writing is now his method of prayer, what else should we expect from him? Should we expect that he will now turn into a fundamentalist of sorts?

Oh, I'm sorry. He already has. He has just made the claim that technocrats were some impure form of the true occupation, which is that of his own. No, sir, that is not true. We are winning the war of gods, we live in the better neighborhood, and what has your god brought you? That's what we thought. So go ahead and mock with your impotence. We know where we stand, we have built our house on rock, while yours is being washed away.

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