Saturday, January 7, 2012

Satan's Plea

Well the cover is done (note to regular readers, I have updated the cover and it is now glossier than the previous one, though it still maintains some elements of duality to it) and now it's a matter of uploading the latest short story (another short one, I know, but I promise that there will be actual novels coming out in a few weeks. These things take time). Once that's done I'll put up the necessary links up to the side of the screen (and if not, you can go to the links for the specific websites and from my author's page you will be able to see the newly uploaded books).

The basic premise of this short is Satan writing a letter to the human race before judgement day. His story has never been told, so he is taking this as a chance to change the human race's view of him. Within this framework he tells a very different story from what has been heard so far. The idea was to look at different aspects of the human condition. I would like to see how other people read into it. Always an interesting moment to see what readers say about this.

Now the idea of writing from Satan's point of view has always interested me. And even after writing this admittedly short story, I still have other things within the subject I want to explore further. So there might either be a sequel or a longer version of this (easily a novel, but then again so are most shorts). I do hope that it at least evokes some thought, about the eternal battle between good and evil, in most people who read it.

The cover is a little on the colorless side (there are some yellow highlights, but I wanted it like that. There was the idea of adding red everywhere (lettering, on the background) in the end I decided against that, but with the addition of the word Satan that felt a little on the cliche side (or horror side, which this book is not). This cover did not take as much time as the previous one. But there were several ones discarded on the path to this promised one. Nevertheless a couple days for a cover is still pretty good.

There is, of course, another issue of I have with covers. I am not certain if what I consider art (which is what I try to make my covers, with my humble skills) is held in such high esteem by readers. Most covers I see nowadays are glossy (in my opinion magazine-esque) pictures with very fancy lighting (like some sun rays or light through smoke) and a title somewhere. I'm not certain if I'm a fan. But of course these are the ones selling the most, aren't they? I, of course, am not a fan of highly glossy pictures on a book cover and if I see it, unless I know I love the author, I will stray from them. Do the majority of readers have that view? What do you think?

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