Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Struggle Knows Not

Here is the cover. Working on two more, the editing, as well as the next story that should be finished in a few weeks (the caveman story, title unknown).

This cover, though it may not seem like much, has been a lot of work (going against the grain of my previous theory that each cover, as I got more and more familiar with Pixelmator, would take less and less time). One thing I've learned is not to sit and try to grind it out. If inspiration has not yet arrived, it is better to take a break and look around (or walk around and check out the village, all the while taking notes on what you see) and try to gain ideas for the cover. I made several covers and discarded them before starting with this one.

The effect of having the Iraqi flag "coming through" is one I thought of in the last minute. Without it, the cover looked drab, and not exactly eye-catching. With it, I believe, it is aesthetically pleasing as well as having some depth to it... not in the sense of layers, but in the sense that the story is about a formative time (though I'm not going to say if it's more so or less so than before, especially in a city with so much history, like Baghdad) for a new nation... and like all nations, places, people, one must scratch beneath the surface to find out more. Of course, I'm certain that not many people see that, but it is the thought behind it.

The forced due date of January might not be met (for the publication of the novel), but I will be looking forward to getting these three works out of the way and onto the next project.

And here is a short story. I decided to hide this for absolutely no reason!!

By now we're all used to being followed by our shopping browsing history. That is, you go somewhere or google something and look at it, admire it, or maybe mock it. Whatever your intentions, you are soon after hounded by ads for the same product wherever you go. Of course, it's a simple cookie that does this and so one is quick to dismiss it as another incursion into our ever diminishing privacy.

Recently, however, I've been seeing ads for things that I have never searched for. In fact, when I first saw the product I thought it extremely fortunate, for I had been thinking about something similar earlier. I almost bought it, when I pulled back, some paranoid devil on my shoulder saying, no, don't.

I sat down with some hot cocoa, the kind that doesn't take sugar, and thought through the paranoia. I had, in fact, been thinking about this product for some time (hereto unnamed). This could merely be a coincidence. Or could it be something else? I looked at amy phone. it could very well be that someone had hacked my microphone and was recording what I was saying and somehow changing that into ad placement. 

So I tried it out. I spoke about the desire to get a damned good cup of green tea. Soon there were ads for green tea—to buy it online or visit a nearby place. I nodded my head and placed tape over my phone. They were getting skier, the marketers, but I would have to be more careful. 

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