Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Familial Madness (engineers vs artists)

This sort of clever, but ultimately useless, observation by those in the ephemeral arts is what really gets me about Lowhim and his 'work'—if one is to call it work. Surely there's more to it than what his quip would have one believe. In fact, we think this talk of his hides an underlying malaise when it comes to what he's done in his life and what he's accomplished. Do we sense a little hint of jealousy at the engineers when it comes to how much they earn? How stable they are in society? We first conducted the interview for this story because we thought something good could come out of it. We were wrong. Allow us to retort.

First off, we did not, in any way, forsake our ancestors. We came to these shores because we believed in the American dream (and in many ways we've lived it) and it was in line with what our ancestors believed in. That there was a natural progression (there were, after all, many other countries we could have chosen to move to) and we made it. There was no real revenge tied into what it was we were doing. There is no long term game. As for our unfortunate family situation. Again, no one was forsaken. Then child was and is very happy where it is. We are extremely focused on that. 

Perhaps we wish that Tim would take a different route in life that he would not make up games that aren't all that interesting to begin with and that do reek of an artist's lies (Lowhim, we are on to you, once and for all). In that sense he has been corrupted by the likes of these artists and this odd need to be shallow and superficial (and sometimes seditious) trumps having a proper job that creates tangible items in this world.

As for our ways. We live in one of the richest neighborhoods in our city. We live in a very comfortable house which we love. That Lowhim sneers at these things only makes him more and more pathetic. Funny thing is that the likes of him would never even come close to being allowed in our neighborhood, and with good reason: we want people who earn their living in our neighborhood. Only such law abiding citizens understand what their sweat and toil can create. Not someone who conjures words up from nothing.

So to the author: beware. Or perhaps we should say turn back now. The world is crumbling in front of your eyes (your written world, we should think), so why keep praying to a false god? If you want to remain in art, remember that it is there to uplift people after their day at work. That they do not want to hear the lies of an enemy within. You are becoming that. Stop it. Any attention, in this case, is not good attention. Please reconsider and take down this story immediately.

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