Friday, January 6, 2012

The Struggle on sale!

For anyone looking to taste the short story "the struggle" (to the right of this text) it will be available free to prime members for the next ninety days. Go ahead and read it and you can also purchase it to facilitate more writing in the future *ahem*. Nevertheless for none prime members of Amazon there will be free promotional days, one starting tomorrow and ending Sunday night. Go ahead and check it out should you get the chance.

The Lucifer story is almost ready to publish soon. I am working on the title and cover (edits almost completely done, it's another short at 10k). Neither is as easy as I first envisioned. "Lucifer has something to say" doesn't have a ring. Yet "Satan's tale" doesn't have much originality (not with a quick google search). The cover as well is turning out to be a problem. I'm trying to go a different route than my previous covers. Perhaps a bit more flashy, and yet I haven't been able to look at it and "know" that it looks/feels right. Hopefully that will change by the end of tonight.

The writing is going well, despite the cut, which is still looking rather big and warm (not infectious levels, though). The Struggle should soon have an accompanying sequel. I will try to make this novel length as it will have to be to accommodate the level of complexity I have in mind. Not going to be easy, for certain, but the map and compass (which is the nest way to write, going the strict outline route does not work) are 100% ready and I should have the second sequel in a couple of weeks (only averaging 2k/day, I will try to up the ante while pushing out all these other stories, still trying to learn to make covers in a fast manner, though it may just be a process that will always take some time, especially if a vision for what looks good doesn't appear).

Also finished a short story redraft (something I wrote a year ago). I will let it sit for a week before editing and setting it up. This one, unlike the previous ones, is non-military themed, and in fact is based in Africa. It, in fact, may be a cliche in Africa, but I think it's something that should be out there. It also has the potential to be a novel someday. Someday. Unfortunately the cover idea has not yet been conceived. That may take some time.

In the end, though, I think that I'm still setting a pretty good pace. Don't forget "The Struggle" will be up tonight.

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