Sunday, February 12, 2012


A quick update, so I'm not leaving all my readers in the dark about what I'm writing... I am currently working on the final book in The Struggle series. While also completing a new work (title tentative for now: The City The Life) which will stretch over several time periods of one man's life. This book, unlike my previous works, will—though still with some military themes—focus on tension before the violence and not so much the battle itself. It will look at a man coming to grips with his new civilian life and the power structures that exist in the city, the nation.

The idea for this novel was started three years ago (like most of the books coming out, there were a plethora of notes and torn book pages that provided the fertilizer to this story) is only now coming to fruition. A great feeling to finally put something on paper/digits.

Also the sequel to When Gods Fail will be started and hopefully a first draft leaks out of my mind, fingers, by the end of this month. And Caveman (Hominin Tales?... yes Hominini would be the correct term, but this is a title, not a peer-reviewed article) is also in the throes of birth (perhaps this will have to be delayed to a later time).

Meanwhile, there will be print editions available for all my novella and larger sized stories. I will also bundle more together (right now there is only one collection of stories, that will change soon) so that readers have more choices than what is available to them right now (some will overlap, but over all people will be able to buy all the stories for a cheaper price this way).

One of these combinations is the cover I have right here: Fallen Dreams. The picture for the cover was actually taken on one of my many road trips through France, while I was stationed in Germany, and it was of a 12th century church that stood for so many centuries before being bombed in WWI. (There was a massive grave nearby, but I'll be damned if I don't remember the name). Nevertheless I think it stands as an appropriate picture for Fallen Dreams. The two stories that shall comprise this book will be When Gods Fail as well as "Satan's Plea"... Dealing with the fallen dreams of civilization, as well as the Prince of Darkness. There shall be at least four more such "Bundles"

In addition to all these titles, the outlines, basic kernels (or first drafts down, and rewrites needed or further edits of old stories needed) of at least eight other novels/novellas are in the works. As I've said before, given current speeds it will take well into April for me to finish. As I continue writing, I hope that this changes.

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