Friday, March 30, 2012

Back from Vacation

I'm back from a short break. Will post up some more excerpts soon enough. A short story of mine will also be placed up as I give KDP select another try (in the business sense of the word, this was a failure the first time as it didn't lure anyone in to my other works. But there were no real other works at the time. This time I hope that the increased amounts of other works available will help provide more of a draw.

As far as the third installation of The Struggle (The Logic of Morals) I have started on some furious work on the matter and hope to see a finished product in a week, or two. The print version should be available soon after that.

I will also add the links to my print versions of Tree of Freedom as well as Where the Sun Sets. Then it's on to the first draft of the other stories that I promised a long time ago. Should be finished in the coming months (Summer is my deadline for the Caveman story and the other ones as well)

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