Friday, March 30, 2012


I have a book up on Google play right now and there are some interesting things concerning the overview. Google doesn't allow the author to put up a synopsis, so instead they do a search of the book to come up with the most common phrases. Interesting, correct? The following are the words Google felt (algorithm X) represented my book Tree of Freedom:

angry asked Baghdad beer Beth blood cigarette Coralie Coralie's Corsica didn’t know door everything eyes face feel fight find fingersfinish fire first flashed flght flgure flnally flnd flngers flnished floor flrst front fuck girl going grabbed hadn’t hand handgun heard HefeweizenHumvee Iraq Jean kill King looked King shook King's King’s kissed looked at King looked at Rick Mattheus mind moved never Nice night okayPhillippe Pierre prostitute pulled punch pushed redneck remembered restaurant Rick and King Rick felt Rick knew Rick looked Rick nodded Rick saw Rick shook Rick smiled Rick thought Rick walked Rick's Rick’s rifle Russian scared seemed shit shook his head shot shoulder silent smellsmirked someone stared started stopped talk Tarifa tell things told took trying violence Vladamir waited waitress wasn’t woman wondered words worried

Makes a rather nice poem (perhaps if the words were randomized they could be made into a poem). I sense a new type of poem to take over for flarf (some poetry which uses google searches to come up with a poem, actually pretty interesting method). 

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