Sunday, April 22, 2012

Common words and phrases:

I could not resist posting up another set of words that come to mind with the use of some google algorithm. This one, for my short story, once again fails to really present what the story is about, but it is interesting (whatever the algorithm is, to choose these words, it allows doesn't change much since the Tree of Freedom 'choice' words and phrases hasn't changed much, even though it's a new upload):

Americans angry Arabic arrested asked asleep back brother churn cigarette clip compliant couldn’t course cracking decided deskdidn’t door drink drive drove everywhere eyes face family father fear fell fight finish fire fought front gave getting going gone grabbed groundgroup guard guidance Haji Haji’s hallway handgun hands happen hear heart hesitated hide house inside invasion jumped Karbalakilled kitchen knew knock know large laugh lay low little living room lobby looked love Mahmud man’s managed market missed moneyneighborhood never night phone picture police center realized remembered rest right Salaam’s scared shooting shot slow small smiledsomeone sound stand stared started stay steadied stomach stopped Sunni sweating things think thought told trembling tried trunk urgevoice Walid felt Walid pointed Walid pulled Walid stepped forward Walid walked wall wanted poster weakwhiskey wife women wondered wrong

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