Saturday, April 7, 2012

Promotions and the like

The first promotion for "To Love a Rat" was the most successful one yet (still across three countries, though the giveaway of one day equals that of all the five previous days). Of course there is still the matter of the people reading it once they've downloaded it (most people don't according to my and other's experience).

I suppose I should say that the story did get an extremely low rating from one reader (the only one so far), though I'm still not certain how to take that. There is the matter of the story simply having hit the reader too hard. I claim to want to change a person's view of how they see the world. Perhaps I should expect a few failures (on my part). We shall see if there are any new readers, and as usual comments are greatly appreciated. (I do welcome anyone from these promotions, fan or otherwise).

The sequel to The Struggle is still being worked out. The editing might take longer than I thought (a first reader I had turned out not to be as good as I hoped). I plan on having it out in a week. There will soon be stories available on google Play as well. Their uploading system isn't so intuitive, so I'm trying to get one book up at a time. Until the next novel is ready, I will put up an excerpt on Monday from one of my short stories. Enjoy!

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