Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Our Future Algorithm masters (or present, depending on whom you speak to) have decreed the following cloud of words to be representative of my The Struggle Knows Not novel: As usual I don't agree and would like to know how they come up with this:
Update: I want to say that some of the words are indeed relevant (in the sense that the setting for this novel is in Baghdad and the neighborhood of Hurriya). The names, are of course relevant as well. No, it's the verbs that I take issue with. Should asked be included in any novel's list of words? If so why not said? Nevertheless the word soup is still something to behold.
Abbas Abdullah Americans anger asked attack Baghdad Bashir Beirut bombs boss breath caught cigarette Colonel Douglassdrove everything eyes face Fallujah fight firebase flash flinch fool front glanced going Green Zone Haji Haji's hand handgun happened hearheard Hezbollah Humvee Hurriya Iranians Iraq Iraqi Army Karbala kill Laith laughed leaned Lebanese Mahmud Majidmeet Mohammad neighborhood never nodded his head ofthe ofthem Okay Omar Perhaps pointed pulled pushed Qassem looked Qassem noddedremembered Sadr City Saladin scared scooter seemed Sergeant shawarma Sheikh Shiite shook his head smart smell smoke soldiersomeone spoke stared stopped street Sunnis sure talk Tehran tell things thought told took traffic circle tried trust trying turned voice Walid feltWalid looked Walid nodded Walid paused Walid smiled walked wanted watched wife wondered worry wrong

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