Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Word algorithm poetry

Below is the word cloud for The Struggle Trilogy. Baghdad Bashir Beirut bombs cigarette...smell smoke soldiers....killed knew Laith laughed... it has a ring to it, doesn't it? Perhaps I'll put out a poetry book soon... in due time. The sequel to when Gods fail is coming to a harried conclusion. The sequel, by the way, is more far reaching than the first book. The first book was a matter of setting our protagonist for the fall, for a crash in his ideals and hopes. This one builds them back up (though I suppose that one could claim it tears him down again)...

Abbas Abdullah Ahmed Americans anger attack Baghdad Bashir Beirut bombs cigarette colonel decided door Douglassdrill drove everything eyes face Fallujah feel fight front glanced going Green Zone Haji Haji's hand handgun happened hear heardHumvees Hurriya inside Iranians Iraq Iraqi Army Karbala killed knew Laith laughed Lebanese listen living roomMahmud Majid meet mind Mohammad neighborhood never nodded his head Omar paused Perhaps pointed pulled pushed Qassem lookedQassem nodded remembered Sadr City scared scooter seemed Sergeant Sheikh Shiites shook his head shot smell smoke soldiers someone spokestared stopped street Sunnis sure talk Tehran tell things thought told took traffic circle tried trust trying turned voice Wahhabis Walid askedWalid felt Walid looked Walid nodded Walid smiled Walid wanted walked watched wife wondered words worry

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