Friday, May 4, 2012

Word Clouds

When God's Fail is up on Google Books. And here is the word cloud. I'd actually like to know how they come up with this as some of the big words are not commonly used.

ammunition asked backpack Big Lee Bill and Paul Bill's Bill's eyes blood body odor breathing Carol cave chestcouldn’t Crunch dead Dirty bomb everything eyes face faggot feeling felt fire forest fire glanced going grabbed groundhandguns happened heart hill hope insects inside Iran Jenny joke kill knew knife land laughed leaned Lee and Johnny let me liveListen looked moved nice night nodded her head nuclear nuke Paul and Bill Perhaps placed my hand Pleased to meet pointed Portlandpulled raised my hands rednecks reminded rifle rock satellite peak scared scree seemed shack shook my head shoot shot shotgun skinsleds sleep slowly smell smiled someone soon Sorry sound spelunking spoke stared started stay stopped sure survived talked tell thingthought told took tried trying turned voice walked wanted wife woman wondered Yeah

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