Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writing, page by page

I will soon put up the initial draft of When Gods Fail II. The story is coming a long quite well. In this one the protagonist, Tom, after his hectic opening to the horrific new world, comes across people who don't try to kill him, who don't bring out the monster in him. He sets about trying to become someone better. He even finds friendship. But this new life is not such that it allows people to relax in peace. His world is soon set tumbling as other groups, tribes really, come in and try to take away his bliss.

When I edit the first few pages of this, I will put up the opening chapters here. This version, now that we have set our character's psyche up, is definitely something that should not be missed. If you haven't read the first version, you can read the first few chapters posted up here from before.

Also, for any writers out there in the Bronx area, I have found quite the haven in the Botanical Gardens. My girlfriend and I have membership to this place, a mere twenty minute walk away, and now we have the ability to go whenever we want. It's a great (especially on the weekdays as I saw nary another soul there, during the weekends it's definitely crowded) place to sit and type. Check it out if you have the time.

Also the print version of the Struggle Trilogy will be up soon, the ebook version is still out and will remain on sale for the next few weeks. Thanks to all those who are reading, and enjoying the blog.

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