Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fallen Dreams, word cloud

An always entertaining exercise is checking out the word cloud for a book of mine. Here's the cloud for Fallen Dreams. The book is finally available on Google and should be coming out in paperback soon. Enjoy:
Al-jazeera angels anger anymore Arab asked backpack bastard better Big Lee Bill and Paul Bill's eyes body body odor Cairo Carolcave couldn’t Dirty bomb double agents Dubai esus everything eyes face feel felt flashed fuck gave glanced going gone grabbedhand handguns happened hate heard heart Heaven hideout hope im's inside Jenny kill knew laughed listened looked Lucifer Martin Mikemind moved Nadia never night nodded ofthe old man's Osama Bin Laden Perhaps pointed Portland pulled realized redneck remembered remindedrifle rock scared scree seemed shack shit shook his head shot shotgun sleep slowly smell smiled someone spelunking spoke stared startedstayed stopped sure talking tell tequila thing thought told took tried trying turned voice walked wanted watched wife wondered words worship Yeah

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