Friday, August 31, 2012

A moment to rest

Well, after another long spell some work will be coming out in the form of more writing via Eiso Publishing. Every now and then (all right, I'll admit it, rarely) an article or a picture shows up somewhere on the web and I'm inclined to point towards it. There is one here that points to the Fordham Veteran's Workshop. It has been a great place where I have come up with several stories. The guidance there is also great.

To any veterans reading this there is a Fall session that should start in a few weeks. If you want to get in on it you can contact me, or Google it (the link can also lead you there). I highly recommend it to anyone out there.

To the readers out there I am still working on some works and I will get to describing them soon. I apologize for the wait, but I think these will be some great pieces of work.

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