Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back from vacation:

I'm back from a trip to Japan and am trying to fight off the beast that is jet lag and write again. Rest assured that series will be finished and more books will be written. But... in the meantime my procrastination is leading to a rush of reading articles. Here's one:
Sinclair after he rejected the Pulitzer prize.
A very bold move. Do you agree? It's hard to argue against what he's said. Institutions like this can be overbearing, and I dare say that most books that win these prizes are quite underwhelming.
Speaking of reasons to turn down awards: here's another refusal... for the Nobel.
Which he later, apparently accepted... 
One question you must ask is if these writers were sufficiently successful by the time they were awarded to turn down these prizes. An obscure writer might not have that luxury.

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