Monday, December 10, 2012

Fractal Alert: The Garden of Eden and TIm.

And so it goes. Remember the tales told by Tim? Well, it would appear that he has more than a few stories of his own (and here would be one more). Hard to say how he was influenced by his parents or that specific islander background. So it goes. And here goes the story he wrote and, for some reason, got in trouble with his teachers about.

In the beginning there was no beginning for there was no time and all of humanity lived as happily as apes—that is apes without worries or a care or proper cause and effect (no time, remember?)—could be. Being that this was the garden of Eden, humanity frolicked and ate in the garden and really never paid attention to the hill above them.

On the hill lived father and mother Singularity. They were comfortable and spent their time looking upon humanity and they were content and this it should have always been.

But even amongst humanity there remained brigands and a few of them looked up and saw two people living comfortably and they suddenly felt uncomfortable and naked and they went up the hill slew the couple and thought themselves set with house on the the hill and all. But slaying the couple only released the souls of Time. And from then on time always  ran from humanity.

And this story, according to Gerad, is just fine, maybe even genius, but the main part that hurt Tim was how the overreaction by adults to that which is outside their worldview. Genius is never recognized in its time.

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