Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Familial madness (country link)

Upon final study, this country is not just any country. It's one of those nations that is no longer a nation. Pure and simple. It was created for a mere military exercise and is now considered to be something akin to a rock in the ocean that is soon to be swamped by the rising waters of a warming globe. This country, let's call it X, because the UN has banned any use of its name around the world (the Security Council did, let's be fair since there's no way that the world could ever be anything more than a handful of powerful countries... I mean do you really want Andorra with the same vote as China? Let's be serious, shall we?) for reasons that only power would care to sanctify.

But oh was its history a long one. It could be said to have created the world's first philosopher (with written proof) as well as the first nation with a Navy. Great civilizations paid homage to these crafty natives of the ocean. They had to know the ocean because given the piece of rock they had, agriculture or other methods of living were lost upon them. And why didn't they simply move from this island to someplace they could do more? Well, by some fluke of history (and probably to the good fortune of every civilization at the time) they had an odd religion that claimed themselves as the first people of the world, and those they met from elsewhere were merely their long lost children. Furthermore that rock was the only blessed land in the world, and when the rest of the world was surely to perish in flames (self-inflicted or from god), they would survive and repopulate the earth (their origin story has at least 12 cycles of populating the world and cleansing cycles... it's funny that this merely bred in their peoples a wont to stay on the rock, not to go forth and populate the world.. this was because they all felt that some crazy great great grandparent had gone off and populated the world with a crazy progeny). 

But with any member of the tribe who acted in a way that was not conducive to living on the island, they were sent away on a raft. Whether any ever survived a trip out to another land remains to be seen. What this bred in these people is the aforementioned talk of considering everyone they met from outside the island as some descendant of a crazy uncle or what have you. And their religion, or their myths or stories of descendants (all the same to them) had almost every personality you could describe having been forced off the island. It is said that when these people met Caesar, they greeted him as a brother, and even laughed at him, certain he was the great great grandson of a certain jovial islander (kicked out for being too funny). Caesar, on the brink of conquering for the sake of it, couldn't help but be taken by all of this and let the island be. 

With luck like this, the island nation survived for centuries. It was the modern age that destroyed it. First the Huns used it for target practice in WWI. Then the remaining survivors were further destroyed by the influenza that followed. What was left was a handful of families. Some of those finally left when moving pictures told them of a greater world out there. One of those families was Gerad's (the father had jumped on a ship, and gone to Oxford, by the pure strength of his myths that all were brothers). 

One cannot be certain if the idea of kicking the crazed one off the island still remained with the family, though all evidence points to the parents having tried to purify themselves and their children of what they frequently mentioned was a primitive culture. But we all know how hard it can be to destroy one's own past. When even the likes of Stalin fail at doing so, what can two middle class technocrats hope to manage outside of self-annihilation?

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