Saturday, March 16, 2013

Familial Madness (3D go)

Though there have been multiple programs made for a computer to deal with 3-d go, there has not been any real effort to bring a proper 3-D go board to the market. In this, Gerad's cousin performed very well. That small LED lights were used to better show the game's potential is also a positive move. But, at the end of the day, it is extremely hard for human beings to properly represent 3-D relations as such. Some scientists aren't sure why, in fact, to the laymen it may seem that the world is 3D so why would anyone have a problem thinking about a 3D game, or playing it properly. Thing is, the human mind may be creating multiple 2D relations at once, and so we don't, outside of depth, really deal with the world in a 3D manner. Do you not believe this?

Well, try a game of 3D go. Or 3D anything. Some go experts claim that the increase of connections is a hindrance to the beauty of the game that is 2D game. Gerad's cousin, if he were able to talk to us, speaks of simply looking at things in a different way. In fact there is talk of a simple rule that will allow one to adjust the 3D game and make it much more enjoyable. Since one cannot talk to Gerad's cousin, though, this rule has remained out of reach for the past few years.

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