Monday, April 22, 2013

Familial Madness (parents)

We are both shocked and disgusted at this entire affair. First, as Gerad stated before (though he's still not out of hot water yet, that he even divulged enough information to allow an outsider to come to the conclusion that a member of his family was crazy is beyond anything we could ever have considered civilized. And this was after we allowed him, trusted him, to babysit our child? Oh, my) our baby is not crazy. Furthermore, any story you may have heard about the island we hail from is simply Empire speaking.

You see, we were simple people before the British came through. They found some minerals on our island and immediately sent a handful of missionaries to 'civilize' us. After this it was a matter of wanting to rob us blind and so they made all sorts of disgusting stories about our ancestors and us, when needed. And so we had to allow them to pillage our history or the land. Later we would find out it was both. 

But that's not to say that we are some ex-colonials who harbor grudges. No. We are modern and looking to the future. We come from a hard working island that never rebelled. The author of all this, though, is the descendant of how many rebellious tribes? I dare say that sedition is in his blood. Lowhim is known to have served in Iraq. Perhaps a bomb knocked a screw lose? Perhaps he has nothing left after destroying another country (that deserved it, of course). I only feel sorry for Lowhim that he has to make up stories for a living. That he could never find a proper job and turned to a child's imagination (and a poor one at that) only proves that he was destined for the gallows.

So to make up for his poor life and his lack of any job of substance, he has taken to slandering our family. I don't expect much from an ex-colonial whose people harbored grudges and who still speaks like he does. I would watch him, and I'm certain that the likes of the NSA have algorithms that keep an eye on just such people. People whom the British were never able to fully civilize. I feel sorry for those Brits. When they went to Lowhim's country of birth they were only trying to help. To think that they ended up creating this sad specimen of a writer. Well, Mr Lowhim, you reap what you sow. I hope someone else slanders your name and you see how it feels. 

Perhaps you're trying to cover up some craziness of your own? By your writing I can only assume that this is true. Sad man, you

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