Thursday, July 25, 2013

Audio giveaways!

I have limited (only a handful, unfortunately) giveaways for two audio books of mine. If you are interested, please email me at nlowhim (at) gmail (dot) com OR put your name, email and audiobook of choice in the comments section below. There are currently five coupons a story. And first come first serve.
The stories may be listened to in one sitting. Cabin Tale is about a boy and his grandfather in a cabin in the woods. Outside, bears are rearing to break in. The story is a beautiful one that looks at how generations deal with each other as well as with violence.
The Creatures Within is about a veteran dealing with PTSD. He sees this manifest itself in the form of creatures. It's dark, though not without some insight into something veterans deal with on a daily basis.
The links for the two audiobooks are below.
Once you email me, I'll send you back the instructions to redeem the coupon. Only one coupon per email, please.

Cabin Tale

The Creatures Within

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