Sunday, July 14, 2013

Familial Madness (generations)

Generations. No one spoken to in that family claimed that there was a difference between the generations. Not when spoken to as a group. When spoken to alone, each older generation lamented that the younger ones were losing touch while the older ones where considered (by the younger ones) to have been too silent.

None knew about the true history of their island. The new generations borne outside certainly knew little about the rock. Mostly they blamed it for little quirks in their parents. The parents were either trying hard to forget the island or were hit with strong bouts of nostalgia. They refused to talk about it with a stranger, and certainly not a stranger from a nation (adopted or otherwise) that was actively trying to help them forget that rock from which they knew they would never be able to escape. Some say that this, the forgetting, is the only true American Dream. So far, only Natives beg to differ.

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