Thursday, August 1, 2013

Familial Madness (house)

A sad building (though not by the standards of the unthinking suburbs or exburbs to which this family belonged), the house was meant to be a testament to the family's complete subjugation to the values of the nation to which they were offering themselves as sacrifice. Simply put, the parents bought it through a mixture of fear and idiocy. Now, of course, they would never claim that their bland suburb house was ever bought for this reason, but they wouldn't, would they? 

See, these parents were members of the successful technocratic class. The people who were made, somehow (even though their island would seem to have bred such dogism out), to be lapdogs of whomever was in charge of the nation they were living in, not a thought to why those people were in charge. I'm being rude, now. Most people act like this since it enhances survival. Nevertheless, when it came to their house, these parents so no reason to think outside the box.

So when they knew they had enough money saved up and they wanted to tell the world that they were doing well, they thought of at least a handful of rational reasons to buy a house that had nothing beautiful about it: well they were rewarding themselves, they were investing for their children, and they were thinking about living in that beautiful bland neighborhood and their children would need a good school and they also needed some peace and quiet. And all these lies they told themselves may have eventually come true. But the thing is they were scared. They needed to fit in, and the best way to do that is to do as the natives do. And so like the lemmings that they were, they followed the natives off the cliff.

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