Monday, December 23, 2013

It's here!

Well the new book is out in time for the holidays, it's currently available here
Ministry of Bombs
and I will soon add all the other links (Update: for the Holidays only Gods Fail 2 & 3 will be on sale, take advantage while it lasts).
Here's the synopsis.
In the mountains of Yemen, rebellion brews and spits out terror into the world. In Pakistan, a nuclear scientist escapes. And an agent in America, Justice, sees these things and understands that the world is in danger. He must find the scientist before the terrorists do. If he doesn't millions will die. Will he save the day? As he peers deeper into the world of terrorism and the war on terror, Justice finds that things are never as they seem to be.
Not your average spy or thriller novel, this looks deep into the heart of terror. Dare to look inside!

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