Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Donations from my Royalties.

Update from Dec 2015: I noted before that I was going to donate 10%, though that turned out not to be enough (especially with regard to profit—payments for editing for writing being taken out leaves little, unfortunately[1]—being that I make enough for certain bills and have other income for the rest). But I didn't update this post, but Tree of Freedom is the one book which has been marked up and will have 90% of its royalties put towards this fund.

I have watched the Syrian war (and other tragedies) from the sidelines for too long of late. So I'm announcing that from now on I'll send 10% of all my personal royalties to helping victims (I'll announce, quarterly, whenever the royalties and the percentage reach an amount I can donate, increments of five and so forth). Specifically, I'll be donating to Doctors Without Borders—though that can be subject to change and I welcome anyone to provide other worthwhile charities. You too can donate here.

[1] Something I see as a failure of myself to others in the world more needy. Not to worry, I will shape up. 

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