Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lowhim Smackdown alert!

I got this idea from others on the internets. Here is a list of reviews where I, the author, am torn apart. Without mercy.
 To all: thanks for reading!
This might be the harshest one of all. Not sure if it's good that the reader needs to drink after reading. Ouch.
This is the best zing I've ever seen! Well done, sir, well done.
 No one in the UK appreciates this book. (update, quite a few people don't like it. But I do want to reiterate that it's a book about a man falling into evil. That much was needed. It makes, IMHO, the upcoming books that much more interesting. Will he climb out of the morass of what he created? This should speak, if you know history, to most nations and peoples who have done wrong... Odd that to this day people will strike at the author for what's written in fiction).
 And this person hates the same book as well.
Finally... Here my abilities as a writer are severely mocked. 


Well here we have what might be the worst smackdown yet. That one hurts.

Update January, 2016 : 
And the people who hate are still letting me know. This one focuses on an audiobook of mine, though I would think that this quote is telling: "Killing yourself doesn't cleanse your soul from being a liar."
While this one focuses on how horrendous Gods Fail was, especially when compared to 1000s of other books.

As always, thanks for reading.

Update Dec 2016: here is my best selling audiobook, Satan's Plea, getting a proper smackdown: "it sounded like being with your overly political friend at a bar and having to listen to him whine after having a few too many beers." Ouch! 

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