Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fractal Madness.

Once upon a time there lived a King. Now, he was a cruel king, but he was one who was wont to be cruel. Now around the king’s castle was a forest far and wide. It stood out like most perfect arcs and right angles do in the midst of chaos and scorn. Though the king has some farmland and roads through the forest, he mainly stayed out of it, except to hunt a few times a year. The animals of the forest, they took these transgressions as they always did: a few would fight back, but most just retreated and didn’t think on it. in the end, they were too divided to do much. There were three schemers who didn’t particularly like it, crow, rhino and coyote, but even they never thought to fight back too hard.

One day, however, the king found shiny metal in the middle of the forest during a hunting excursion, and so he tore down a large swath of the forest and a started to mine. A nearby pond was soon sucked dry as he tore down layer after layer of this beautiful mountain side, and in the commotion, the king cut down the rhino. 

The animals were devastated. None more so than the coyote and the crow. The coyote managed to gather all the animals, accumulate their anger and start a fight against the king. The king fled the forest and wondered what he could do to gain the shiny metal once more. His councillors, all intelligent and crafty men, endnote without a few animals, told him what had to be done. And so he gave food to vulture and rat and elephant and soon the animals had no fight in them and returned to what they were: and quite content at that.

But the coyote and the crow met to discuss what they could do, for the king had never apologized and had never truly suffered like them. And so they slowly crafted ways to attack the miners and the shiny metal that the king seemed to value so much. But still nothing came of these actions, the king only made it harder to carry them out next time. Worried that this wasn’t affecting the king, let alone making him hurt like they did, the coyote and the crow then seemed to hit the castle. At night, the crow flew into a room, picked up a candle and lit some curtains and hay on fire. Soon the castle was engulfed in flames, but the people of the castle managed to douse the flames.

The king soon found out who did it, and sent all his men to the forest to hunt down the coyote and the crow. The two were berated by the other animals of the forest for they thought that the two animals were not living according to the scriptures of the forest and were also causing trouble for the rest of them. The coyote and the crow, long past working with the animals, scolded them for bowing so quickly. The animals grew silent, but there was no way to know what they were thinking. 

The coyote and the crow just barely managed to evade the hunters and breathed a sigh of a relief when they watched the hunters return to the castle. But the next night, they watched in dismay as the king loaded his catapults with greek fire and launched them into the forest. The coyote and crow expected that the animals would now come to their side, but as they visited each burn site, the animals mostly turned their backs to them. 

To add insult to injury, the next day the animals went to the king to beg for him to stop. but the king simply said that they were to bring the coyote and crow to him. And so the animals turned on the pair and surrounded them and turned them in. As the soldiers took in the animals, bound and gagged, they scoffed at the animals pleas. Shouldn’t break the rules, they said. And from their point of view they were right. And the crow looked at the coyote and said, now what? The coyote smiled and said, now someone tells our story.

And the king quartered and skinned and ate them. And all the story was was about a feast he held and all the animals and people who ate.

While you wait for some more pieces, here's another great post from out there in the internets. On the reasons why it seems (for some of us) that our nation so easily falls into the same ruts over and over. Mull it over.

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