Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On the Struggle Trilogy and accompanying material

Though this post is about The Struggle Trilogy, it's also about the focus of the book as well (read Baghdad, read Iraq, read the Middle East).

In my opinion, fiction and non-fiction are separate, but the line between is quite blurred. Nevertheless, The Struggle Trilogy, a novel about Baghdad which I published in 2012, sits comfortably in the fiction section. Well received in certain quarters (one review, two review, three), I have nonetheless heard from some people who might not agree with the shift in their preconceptions.

So here are a two very important articles (by the great Dexter Filkins) covering some of the ground, which cover some of the ground that my novel does. First is an article on the Quds commander, Qassem (for you readers out there, you will note that it is the main Iranian's name as well). The article, top notch work, traces a handful of feats that the Quds has indeed carried out, as well its influence on events through out the region.

The second article, focuses on Iraq, but gives a good overview of what was left behind with regards to the sectarian political games (and very dangerous ones) being played. I highly recommend both articles for all those who are interested in Iraq, and for all those readers of The Struggle Trilogy. If you haven't read it, check out the free short story The Struggle today.

Thanks for reading. As always, you can contact me at if you have any questions or wish to discuss something or just to say hi. Look forward to hearing from you. 

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