Monday, July 21, 2014

[OM] And so it goes

Of course, it seems that the summer is truly heating up (providing ever more evidence that increased heat does indeed cause more violence) around the world. With Ukraine and the Middle East being especially contentious, I find myself more and more removed from the zeitgeist: most of it consisting of shrill cries on facebook, twitter and the more insidious views on the news. Honestly, I visited facebook for the first time in months, and it was clowns on the left, jokers to the right (especially when one considers the Israeli conflict)... I felt disgusted and shut it down.

With the news and social media feeds seemingly so shrill, what's one to do? I've mentioned how to deal with the new news paradigm that exists in the world today. Nevertheless, I think that there is some good that comes out of the current set up. First, it allows for more voices to be heard. Sure that leads to more misinformation (paid trolls etc), but as an adherent of the democratic ideal, I would say that it's all for the best (and a first step). Even before the advent of social media, one could say that many views were being suppressed. And even though it's a bunch of shouting, it seems that some views are now being heard more. Give a round of applause for free speech, no matter how ugly.

Because that is what matters here. This shift is what's causing the shrillness, I dare say. It may continue, but it may be that it's only those who were used to hearing only their voice who are shouted down (or more so than before). That the Internet comments sections is part of this change is a good thing. Of course, I mentioned that some aspects of the mob mentality is no good (one cannot just shout, they must listen as well, and argue in good faith), but once we can move away from that, we can surely move towards more open discussions. We shall see, but I have hope.

On that note, dear reader, do not fret for a novella of mine will be up soon. A little bit of an odd piece of writing, it will be interesting to hear reactions. I will only be publishing short novels and larger from here on out. Until I see a reason to do otherwise, I will either send out the shorts for publishing elsewhere, or if it's too 'odd' I'll publish them here. It seems a little much to publish other, smaller pieces as ebooks. Though I will certainly try to make them available in any form possible. (update: that I recommend you signing up for the email newsletter as it will have stories not available elsewhere).

Thanks for reading. As always, you can contact me at if you have any questions or wish to discuss something. Look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. 1v1 m8 ill rek ya, summa tyme get hot, faks get shot, ya hear

  2. I agree with stupid up there (the one that can't spell). This shit sounds close to the liberal side as it gets. Listen to Brigitte Gabriel on the events of the world. She's the most on point person I've ever seen in my life. Tells it like it is, and those liberal-fascists, they hate it. Hate every part of it. Why? You best answer


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