Thursday, August 7, 2014


Update: Here's a recent article that's basically spot on the tribalizing of political news, and how to (for those of us simply looking for the truth) find good news when there's so much propaganda out there. Read it, share it. Indeed, it's filled with great possible solutions, though I'm not sure that one can focus on only one news source and maintain ties to it (perhaps I'm wrong, and support must be consolidated somewhere). You can read my original article here.

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  1. Funny, this. There is a point when one has to look at all that is going on today and wonder if things, specifically this problem of tribalism in news, we're better before and whether they would get better soon. Before with major news networks ruling the roost they were strong enough that the truth would leak out every now and then. Now though? One look at the picture and we see how far gone we are. Now we have hundreds of small fish all easily bought off or influenced. So what next? Will anything be improved. History shows that it will take much more than this for people to stand up and care


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