Friday, September 26, 2014

And so it goes (again)

For anyone who doesn't know. And so it goes is a line used to much effect in Vonnegut's book, Slaughterhouse Five. A book that everyone should read at least once. It's short and to the point, though a little on the depressing side. But, IMHO, all good books are a little depressing. For my readers, I just sent out a short story via email. If you didn't receive it, just email me (nlowhim [at] gmail [dot] com) and I'll send one out to you. Better if you sign up (to the left) to make sure you don't miss out on future stories (which won't be available elsewhere).

As far as my future books, one will be done soon, but it will be editing that shall take even longer. And for the end of the When Gods Fail series, which will be at least several months away (end of the year is still tentative, I'm afraid), is also in the initial phase of being written.

Now, for thoughts on current events (and the "And so it goes" sentiment)

Can you sense the joy in the air? The happiness amongst the pundits? President Obama gave a speech lately, and people (except the most pig-headed) on the left and the right are all completely enthralled with the speech (why even Newt Gingrich had some good words to say). After all, uniting to fight evil is what everyone has been waiting for (it appears). The happiness is infectious. And oh how they loved the speech! Something everyone can agree on.

If you destroy and build nothing, then there's no place for you in the world. How true. For those who build will always win. How true again. So if you bomb a wedding, you need to build universities that house lawyers who can say it's okay to bomb that wedding. Or if you destroy souls via torture, make damn sure you have the lawyers for that righteousness when people find you've been torturing prisoners. The world seems so much clearer, doesn't it?[1]

And that might doesn't make right any more, is surely a relief for all of us. This means that those who can push the weak will not do so anymore. This means, of course, that an international court for war criminals will be accepted by President Obama and they will not try to except themselves from its purview. Never. That would be might making right. Nor would they do the same for their staunch ally in the region. No, when you shoot down a plane you can never get away with not allowing an investigation and with never apologizing.

So feel safe my fellow world citizens, the world is getting better by the moment. Celebrate and be joyous.

[1]This isn't just America. Think about the land where iphones are being built and how they make the world a better place and how the monks in Tibet are so happy with all the building that they're burning themselves with joy (I think this is the official Chinese position).

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  1. You damn right building separates the good from the bad. I'm sick of this argument used by liberals. Building bombs is bad. Really? Think about the jobs to help build that, hippie. Think of all the stomachs that will feed. Think about it, before you get so smug about saying something against it. And people who only steal bombs (ISIS) will lose. What jobs have they created?

    Sick of this. So remember that. We create bombs (and yes lawyers to help us bomb, because that makes a difference) and it improves lives. That's how the world works. You would have us back in the stone age. No, we choose civilization not barbarianism.

    1. Sound reasoning. How about the might makes right part? If building makes might, then you're at a logical impasse.

    2. Well, I want to join in on the silliness here. Of course we should bomb everything we see as a threat. Oh, wait, who is the one deciding what's a threat? Our worthless Congress that doesn't know anything, and tries to live by the motto of plausible deniability? What about the news pundits? Each one crowing for one tribal group or another. That is what it comes down to: that people all over the news simply point out how this affects elections. Best stay away from the sticky blood of children, I suppose

  2. You still working, man? You know I've heard that the FBI types and the CIA and the NSA are putting up a million of these kind of posts, called bait, and they're hoping to track every single person who even says a single thing that sounds like agreement (or dissent to the status quo). Is this you man? Is this what you've been brought down for: to bring pain to others' lives? Think man, think. think. But yeah, my thoughts exactly


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