Friday, November 28, 2014

A few things as we move through to the end of the year

Hello all my readers. Again there has been silence on my part, and again I can only say that the next book is still being worked upon and will be out as soon as possible. If you are subscribed to the email, you will have received a snippet, not of the book, but of a short story that inspired it. The idea I'm wrestling with is more complicated than previous ones because it doesn't only include the worldviews of humans (previously I've written from the point of different people around the world). Sci-fi, certainly, but that I think will be very relevant, if reality doesn't take over. Rest assured, nonetheless, that a book will be out soon (and if you want something to read until then, I recommend that you sign up for the newsletter and get some more works that won't be available elsewhere). 
That being said, I will post a short bit on what I've been reading in the news lately. Certainly, as always, things in the world seem out of hand. Ukraine, Ebola, ISIS, and Ferguson are all at the forefront of the news and are all very important events in the world. Yet, for some reason, there was this story that I read today that stuck in my head. Now, you can go ahead and read it. It's about two sisters (17 years for one of them) who were on a sugardaddy website (yes, apparently that's okay and legal, the ages not withstanding) where an 84 year old, rich man took them out on a date and was tied up and robbed. 
I'm not sure what this says about me, or my mind, that this story seems to stick out more than the ones with more death and suffering involved. Perhaps it's that the other stories have been on the boiler for a longer period of time (shame on me, then, and my attention span, perhaps I should blame twitter) and that this one involves that risque topic (especially in a puritanical country) of sex. But, I like thinking highly of myself (it helps me get through the day), and so let me rationalize a better idea: I believe that this story has big and bad implications for our society. That's not to say, again, that the other stories don't matter. Just that this seems like something of a growing movement. 
Not that older men have never had younger women (or been paid for that) but that this is now out in the open (on websites) and that, barring contradicting statistics, it shows something more sinister is happening out there. These websites are becoming more and more popular. And many, to include Krugman, think that this is the appearance of a new courtesan class. Something that was only around during the age of nobility—a time of great inequality and iniquity. That it could signal a similar shift in our nation should trouble anyone who cares for our republic.
No, I'm not getting on my soapbox, so hear me out. The information in the article is especially troubling. What shocked me is that the ages of the girls doesn't appear to matter (they are being held without bail, are under 18 and apparently looking at 15 years in jail). Not to excuse what the young girls did, but that an 84 year old man can conduct himself in such a way and use his influence (this is what the article seems to imply, as the girls' mother was also arrested) and money to have nothing swing by him is another symptom of the same iniquity I mentioned above.
And on the internet and around the country, I hear whispers here and there that show this story to be a microcosm of our state as a nation. The words I hear are not ones I agree with. They smack of some odd generational hate of the Millennials against the Baby Boomers  (was it always thus? One can read the older Greeks of ancient times doing the same against the youth... but I've rarely heard of the younger ones hating the older ones). Hard to think in these terms, especially when I simply look at others in my family, or older people (Boomers) whom I respect. 
Yet, it does seem to be a recurring theme I hear: that the Boomers are selfish, that they used polities& policies to help themselves and now they're burning the nation for themselves and hoarding all the money. I'm not sure what it means. That it could be blind anger from tough times goes without saying. That, if people feel it, true or not, actions will sooner or later reflect this sentiment, goes without saying.
But, perhaps I'm wrong—I hope I am. Perhaps I'm allowing emotion to guide my thoughts. There might not be much in the way of evidence and this could be a small story that no one will ever hear bother with again. I hope so. For now I'll let that off my chest and go back to writing and editing. All the best to everyone.

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