Thursday, November 6, 2014

[OM] One favorite book

 First, for all those who haven't yet read it: For the next week I'm offering 5$ off The Struggle Trilogy paperback. Just use this code: XQN5EAFM at this site.
The point is to shed more light into the situation in Iraq. Sure, the book is about the civil war a few years ago, but that time and the reactions to it were all very relevant to today. So take advantage, it ends after Veterans Day

On to other matters:
Funny that I've never been asked this question, never really thought about it until a few days ago: what is your favorite book (fiction)? (well, it was asked in a different form) No top ten, not even a top five. Simply what one book means the most to you? There are a myriad of ways to tackle this question, especially for those of us who will need to whittle down the list from a handful of books, all very different, to one.

So how would you do this? Would you ask yourself what book can you take with you, were you chosen as an astronaut on a one way trip to Mars (I decided to update the stranded on an island question)? This would require a book with immense meaning and enough density to gain something from each reading. 

So in addition to a book that has been enjoyed, loved, it must be a book that withstands (I'm assuming here that someone wants to read, otherwise one can just ask for a book that will help escape the situation, the biggest book that one can use as a weapon etc). I'm also assuming that there is depth required. It could very well be that in a scenario like Mars, one needs something simply for relaxation, and in that case something light would be needed. And if there are other scenarios where one would consider having one book only, that would lead to different needs than the Mars please include them here. (A book for the rest of one's life is much different than one book to simply read once more, or that would best tell a tale, or which one would you recommend to a specific friend etc). 

Now, when I first answered this question, I chose The Master and Margarita. But now, I'm thinking that perhaps there is more to this than just a book I enjoyed in the past (I understand how different this question is). Certainly, I can envision myself rereading M&M, but I don't see that happening too often. Perhaps there are more layers to this book than I previously thought, but maybe it's my belief that there aren't.

So now I'm thinking that any of the books which I was considering should not be short. They should be the ones I enjoyed, thought difficult and perhaps even thought that I should return to one time or another in the future. So now I'm down to Crime and Punishment , Absalom, Absalom! , 2666 and... well nothing comes to mind at this moment. Books by Borges, Gabriel Garcia and even Coetzee didn't make it. Not now.

So which of these three would I take? I see 2666 as the best book in this list. Yes. Over those other classics. Mainly because I don't think I've mined the book's depths. So there you have it. What book would you consider taking on such a trip?

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