Sunday, March 8, 2015

Familial Madness; More of Tim's upbringing

Tim would listen to this story whilst on the lap of his father, listening and believing every word (one must assume):

Once upon  a time there was a kingdom which was the richest and happiest kingdom that ever was. 
Or so they thought. Thing is, this hermit kingdom was a little insular and even when some of the other, mostly lesser nearby kingdoms tried to tell them that there were better ones around, this kingdom would have nothing to do with it. After all, they were the richest and happiest and they deserved it for they worked harder and God wanted it that way. but one day one of their came back with information of a happier kingdom. The king, distressed, had his best councillors go and see if this was true (whilst the messenger was held in the dungeon until his news was confirmed). The councillors came back with the information that thought this kingdom was indeed richer and happier, they were much lazier.

The king, in something of a bind, locked himself in a room with all his wisest men and women to ask how this could be? They poured over every single piece of evidence and the wise people said all sorts of wise things like: we should kill the councillors and ban travel so no one would find this out or they would say that god was testing them and they would just have to work harder. The king, finally tired, retired to his chambers and went to sleep on it. Except that he couldn’t since he had a feeling (in the form of a fairy who spoke to him of course) that this richer and happier country that gained their luck through anything other than hard work was making a deal with the devil, and was very possibly bring ruin on all the kingdoms because all people will flock there to do less work and be happy and how could God allow such a thing? So he made up his mind to go to war with them. But how to declare war without sounding jealous or like a madman? After all, there is the matter of all the other kingdoms and how furious they would be if he went to war on a whim, so he prayed and prayed.

The next morning he was informed that his councillors had fled to the better kingdom for they had fallen into a huge depression and couldn’t live anywhere else (others said they were scared of losing their lives).

The king, smart, had the councillors families killed, then claimed that they had been killed by the better kingdom who had also kidnapped his councillors. Soon, they were sailing, the king in front of his armanda. And they took the kingdom by storm, putting to sword every man woman and child. And he came back a hero, with many more riches and the kingdom rejoiced and they were happy forever.

To all my readers: I am still editing with and dealing with the latest novel. I will be working on When Gods Fail IV to that end and will hopefully wrap up that series as soon as I can. All the best. 

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