Monday, April 13, 2015

Artifical Intelligence as Foreign Policy

As all my readers know by now, my latest book—still in the stages of being chipped at, edited, if you will—deals with several aspects of rebellion, with its latter stages dealing with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Now, unlike some other books, I don't deal with AI that's self aware or have consciousness, as this is too hard to define for humans, to say nothing of machines. Instead, I try to think of a slow creep of AI, automated, into the decision making arenas of the world, and from there the AI simply manipulates the material world in a malevolent way.

The basis of the malevolence, however, is on a complex AI that grows out of control and in many ways becomes smarter than us humans. Sometimes, however, I wonder if a complex AI is truly needed to mimic us or surpass us. One example is our foreign policy. Implementation and the charade of lies that covers the actions aside, it seems to me that one could easily model our decisions with an easy 12 line algorithm (at the most). I'm not sure one would even define such an unlearning algorithm as intelligent. Well, I'm not sure, and I'm wondering if I need to dumb down the AI in my book. Well, back to editing

Update 17Apr2015: For those who want to read a little more on the matter, here's a paper in a journal I found. It's written in very simple language, so don't let the front page scare you. Truly interesting things to consider. I read it as writing my novel. Good stuff overall.

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