Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Algo and the Tale of the King's Tattoos

There are plenty of rumors circulating about Algo and the possibility of him tattooing his own skin to write out his stories. These horrid attacks on his personality, and possibly his psychology, are baseless. As are the accompanying rumors that he’s doing so in a manner that would speak of his madness or his fractal/branching stories. Well, I took the time to ask Algo and he told me the following...

Algo learned that a king used to write on his skin, on the skins of  others, the latter used as rough drafts. Let me explain. Prisoners in this land would be allowed to go free or gain a drastic lessening of their sentences if they allowed the king to write on their skin. Tattooed, that is. One day, it appeared that the king was running out of volunteers. Talk of the pain of the tattoos—the king was prolific and that resulted in him using all of a victim's skin—was stopping people from volunteering. This only caused the king to ban talk of the tattoos. When this didn’t work, he threw people into prison for the most minor infractions and soon (after he decreed he could tattoo anyone in prison) the people started to grumble.

They were fine with seeing foreigners and barbarians used for the king’s crazy ideas—these were the bulk of the initial rough drafts—but they weren’t for it if their own sons were hauled in and used as such. The king, frustrated, waged some wars against weaker foes to kidnap prisoners and used them. Luckily, before he was decimated by the new enemies who bordered his land, the king managed to finish this perfect story on his own skin. 

When I talked to Algo, he was looking for the king’s body. There are several rumors that it’s entombed in a place not far from where the civil war in Syria is raging at its most violent. As for the king’s end-state, some stories claim that his skin was laced with gold so that the story could last forever. Some say it’s just his leather skin that remains, carefully cut out in the manner prescribed by the king himself. Algo claims that this story must be one of the greatest stories in the world and that it possibly even inspired Shakespeare. Indirectly, of course. Shakespeare merely managed to meet a handful of the rough drafts (as former prisoners and volunteers of that king) and was thus inspired. If he, Algo, finds the original story, he’ll hold the world in the palm of his hands—or so he claims. 

I wish him luck.

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