Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Artist and the Art

In every man woman and child there lies an artist. For some it's a lifetime of obsession. For others, it's something they find when they're doing something else which they don't particularly like (if you're doing something you do like, then that usually absorbs your passions, something vital for an artist). Vonnegut says that we should all at least do something artful at some point in our lives. I agree. Perhaps when the robots take over, they will allow us this much. 

But, that being said, being a writer is only one kind of artist, and I am often impressed with the more direct lines to the human soul: music and visual art. Of these two, the latter seems to speak more and more to my sense of being (music can still calm me, but it tends to affect me less than when I was younger, move me less too). In fact, that has been one of the true stories of personal growth or evolution in my life: how I managed to love the art.

Like most people I was always impressed with very realistic and dramatic paintings. But I slowly learned to love abstract art, learned that art was what a piece evoked in you. I still prefer sculptures over paintings, but I appreciate the latter more. This doesn't mean I haven't completely lost my middle class roots: I have walked into the Dea Beacon, north of NYC, and been completely confused at what I saw. Some art, like a pile of rubble, I simply will never get. Or even those videos in art museums. All seem like they take too little effort to be anything of value (speaking as a pleb, of course).

And for what I see today, I like the street art and what the likes of Banksy creates, since it seems to say something more than simple facture ever could. Take the rubble I mentioned above in the Dea Beacon. Then take what Banksy did with rubble in Gaza: he actually made a statement, and that to me matters more than anything else will. The need to see the realistic in art? Perhaps. But that's why of all the art movements today, street art and art that speaks to the modern soul, the kind that at least has a political statement (humans are naturally political, so those who would say they aren't trying to be political are being the most political of them all). 

Of course, there's also the manipulation of data and how people are speaking about the world of data, but all that is fledgling, IMHO, as an art. Meanwhile, I will try to more and more immerse myself in the world of street art. 

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